Will Regulation of ‘All of the Above’ Energy Cost 20X More on Public Lands?

Federal Lands

More than 96% of the domestic energy production growth from shales has taken place on private lands safely out of the reach of the Federal government bureaucrats and regulators.  That energy production growth is transforming America’s energy future by increasing supply reliability and driving down the price of natural gas from more than $13 per MMBTU to less than $3 per MMBTU in a period of less than five years. Meanwhile, on public lands production has actually slowed as the Department of …Continue Reading »

How Disruptive Technology is turning Domestic Energy Production into America’s Growth Engine

As Congress and the President spar over the political advantage or blame from our current debt crisis, disruptive technology is revving America’s potential for domestic energy production and turning it into a “game changer” in our claw back to economic growth.  This transformation is not happening in Washington, DC, it is happening deep in the heart of America where politicians rarely visit. It  is not dependent upon Federal stimulus money, tax lobbyists, or other gimmicks.  This growth of …Continue Reading »