Who Will Serve the Energy Vertical in the Next Boom?

SOURCE: Ventyx Energy Advisors The change in market fundamentals, competition and technology are turning the energy vertical on its head bringing new entrants using new solutions not yet commercially available in the last boom stage to transform big data into big competitive advantage in the next boom. The tools of choice include mobile real-time data gathering and access, cloud-based predictive analytics, data visualization and social networking tools to put it all together seamlessly. What am …Continue Reading »

America's Energy Policy Reality # 1: Natural Gas is Our Fuel of Choice

The race is on to build market share for wind and solar energy with the states demanding it in renewable portfolio standards and the Federal Government encouraging it with subsidies and treasury tax grants.  This is not a bad goal for our clean energy future, but the battle has already been won and the winner in natural gas. In fact, we have already built the next generation of power generation and it is natural gas combined cycle built and put in service during the last boom stage of the …Continue Reading »

The Gift: Energy Security and Economic Growth from Unconventional Oil & Gas

The latest economic reports paint a discouraging picture of our anemic economic recovery.  Our politicians in Washington seem more interested in scoring points with each other than resolving the problems that prevent a return to sustainable growth.  Back home on Main Streets across America the locals are (1) worried; (2) angry and (3) ready for change we can really believe in, this time. Meanwhile, right before our eyes are regular reports about profound changes taking place in our energy …Continue Reading »