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Doha was a Dud!

The Doha climate change conference concluded this week with what has become a familiar ring.  Nothing much of import happened and increasingly fewer people noticed.  Oh, the issues at the surface are still the same as they have been since they first flamed out in 2009 at Copenhagen.  These events have become a global debate over wealth redistribution with the poorer countries trying to guilt the richer ones into paying them not to pollute their own backyards----and if that is not silly enough …Continue Reading »

Federal Judge Blocks California AB 32 Low Carbon Fuel Standard

California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 or AB32 as it is often called was designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For a while it was thought this law would be made obsolete by the passage of Federal Cap and Trade legislation.  But after cap and trade failed to in support in Congress and the Copenhagen Conference of Parties failed to win international agreement on extending the Kyoto Protocol, AB32 proponents have pressed forward. But in a ruling handed down December 29, 2011 …Continue Reading »

California AB32 Cap and Trade Rules ‘Lift Off’

By a 9-1 vote the California Air Resources Board (CARB) adopted rules putting the cap and trade requirements of AB32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 into effect at its meeting December 16, 2010.  The AB32 cap-and-trade rules will make California the largest U.S. emissions allowance trading market once this “soft start” regime gets implemented. " California is launching into a historic adventure. We're inventing this.  There is going to be quite a bit of action needed before …Continue Reading »

Cancun Conundrum

“This is a new era of international cooperation on climate change.” That was the assessment of Mexico’s Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa who served as chair of the two-week United Nations Climate Change Conference, no doubt glad to have this gathering of hot air producers finished.  But like Copenhagen, this conference struggled to find a reason to meet again next year since while the issues remained the same so did the objections from around the world to the solutions. There was some …Continue Reading »

Moonwalking from Copenhagen

The countdown to Copenhagen is ticking away toward the UN climate change conference to be held there in December billed as a 'must succeed' event to save the world from the fate of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. Do I sound skeptical? There is a lot at stake in the outcome of this over-hyped Copenhagen conference but the risks are mostly that the assembled politicians will engage in short term political correctness at the expense of long term economic growth.  The good news is …Continue Reading »