The Economics and Politics of Domestic Energy Production Growth

The good news is America finally has a national energy policy we can believe in.  Even better news is that this national energy policy is being defined, shaped and driven by the markets and the ingenuity of investors, landowners and business people all across America.  The challenge we face is keeping our government out of the way and out of our pockets so that this economic revival and its multiplying economic effect and the low cost energy it is producing can become sustainable. There are at …Continue Reading »

How Disruptive Technology is turning Domestic Energy Production into America’s Growth Engine

As Congress and the President spar over the political advantage or blame from our current debt crisis, disruptive technology is revving America’s potential for domestic energy production and turning it into a “game changer” in our claw back to economic growth.  This transformation is not happening in Washington, DC, it is happening deep in the heart of America where politicians rarely visit. It  is not dependent upon Federal stimulus money, tax lobbyists, or other gimmicks.  This growth of …Continue Reading »