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About Gary L Hunt

Gary Hunt is a global business executive with 20+ years experience as a “C’ level trusted adviser on corporate strategy, M&A, and recurring revenue business model strategies.

His focus is information technology and energy vertical “sweet spots” where IT and OT converge to offer scalable growth opportunities to leverage data and analytics into advanced predictive analytics solutions using recurring revenue business models.

Ten Factors Driving Energy Markets


How do we explain the growth in oil and natural gas supply in the US from tight formations and shale.  What we see happening today in the natural gas is not a bubble--- it is the remnant of the bubble that burst in the Great Recession as record high prices for natural gas in the run-up to 2008 created the demand for more supply.  The worry then was that there was not enough gas to meet demand without importing it as LNG from the same wacky countries that sold us oil.   High priced LNG was …Continue Reading »

US EIA September 2014 Short Term Energy Outlook


US EIA is out with its September 2014 release of the Short Term Energy Outlook. The forecast says power producers added 4.35 gigawatts (GW) of new capacity during the first half of 2014. This may seem like a lot but that rate is 40% below last year's new build rate. Natural gas is the fuel of choice with half of the new capacity and renewable generation makes up the rest. No surprise that no new coal-fired power plants were built in the first half of 2014, compared with 1.51 GW last year, but …Continue Reading »

What Keeps Oil & Gas Executives Up at Night?

IEA MSU Oil Production Leader

For some the focus is growing reserves, others on energy infrastructure to meet transport, storage, processing and soon exports needs---for everyone it is controlling rising costs of projects.  Many feel margin squeeze and are focused on improving operating efficiencies across the value chain, harvesting value for CAPEX to improve competitive positioning and stay open to opportunities. Control Costs of Growing Reserves!  Traditionally, the fastest way for oil and gas companies to grow …Continue Reading »

We’ll Never Forget!


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Ten Factors Driving North American Power Markets

EIA Electric Power Monthly new capacity 1H 2014

SOURCE:  US EIA Many US markets have excess capacity even with 30 GW of Coal Plant Retirements since 2010 Canadian power markets in AB and ON grow slowly but fuel mix changes, more wind less coal Aggressive US Renewable Portfolio Standards are not likely to be met in many of the 29 states. We built the next generation of power plants---in the previous boom cycle. Gas demand for power generation is expected to be flat to slow growing through 2025 Low gas prices undermine the …Continue Reading »

Will the Next Power Shift be Off the Grid?

TCLabz DER Future

SOURCE: TCLABZ The integrated North American power grid is the largest machine in the world.  This machine is amazing because supply of electrons to meet expected demand for electrons must balance every second of every hour of every day---or the light go out for someone or all of us. There are 3,200 utilities that supply the U.S. electrical grid with power they  sell for about $400 billion each year. The electric power industry has been in a state of constant change for nearly fifty …Continue Reading »

Preventing Oil & Gas Pipeline Leaks

Alberta is one of the world’s largest and most important energy producers. Protecting the integrity of Alberta’s pipeline system is essential to the economic growth of the province. Both Alberta Province and the oil and gas industry have a shared responsibility to assure the integrity of the pipeline system to maintain public confidence. In 2012, Alberta produced 3.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, 705 million barrels of crude bitumen, and 203 million barrels of crude oil, most of …Continue Reading »

US technology is disrupting world oil markets—for the better

The Shale Revolution is causing a big shift in US energy production. Will it spread around the world---that is the big question?  Share of OPEC crude production is expected to decline from current 42% to 34% by 2038 as non-OPEC production grows faster than expected OPEC annual growth rate 2013 to 2017 of -1.4% while non-OPEC growth is about 3.1%. US oil production in 2013 averaged 8.11 million barrels per day of crude oil production representing a production level not reached since 1988.  …Continue Reading »

The Big Shift in US Oil Markets

SOURCE:  US EIA The shale revolution at work today across the oil and gas industry was made possible by scrappy entrepreneurs risking their own capital and futures to pursue opportunities from onshore exploration and production in tight oil and gas formations and shale plays that the larger majors and super majors ignored. While the biggest players went offshore in the deeper water looking for big reserve growth, these revolutionaries used commercially available technologies available to …Continue Reading »

The Global Energy Game Changer @ Work

USEnergy Boom Infographic McClatchy

The Global Energy Game Changer @ Work The US oil and gas business is booming because of the shale revolution at work, but in many parts of the industry there are growing pains.  The super majors face rising costs for finding and developing new reserves.  The midstream players face infrastructure bottlenecks.  Refineries face a glut of light crude or condensate that does not fit the refining process demand for heavy crude and thus must be pre-processed out.  Even the shale pioneers who …Continue Reading »