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About Gary L Hunt

Gary Hunt is a global business executive with 20+ years experience as a “C’ level trusted adviser on corporate strategy, M&A, and recurring revenue business model strategies.

His focus is information technology and energy vertical “sweet spots” where IT and OT converge to offer scalable growth opportunities to leverage data and analytics into advanced predictive analytics solutions using recurring revenue business models.

The Global Energy Game Changer @ Work

USEnergy Boom Infographic McClatchy

The Global Energy Game Changer @ Work The US oil and gas business is booming because of the shale revolution at work, but in many parts of the industry there are growing pains.  The super majors face rising costs for finding and developing new reserves.  The midstream players face infrastructure bottlenecks.  Refineries face a glut of light crude or condensate that does not fit the refining process demand for heavy crude and thus must be pre-processed out.  Even the shale pioneers who …Continue Reading »

The Mismatch of Power Supply and Demand


SOURCE:  US EIA The Mismatch of Supply and Demand. Many North American power markets (both ISO and non-ISO) have what might be described as too much of too many good things in plentiful power supply and low natural gas fuel prices.  What’s missing is demand growth to put all that generation potential to productive use. This mismatch of supply and demand presents itself as excess generation capacity from the lingering effect of slow economic growth and flat utility demand growth as customers …Continue Reading »

Shale Gas Supply Growth Shakes Up Everything

EIA World Shale Resources

SOURCE:  US EIA Data and Reuters graphic The shale revolution is a full reversal of energy fortunes in the United States.  It might have similar potential in other parts of the world if as projected global LNG prices decline over the decade ahead and indexing gas prices to oil erodes from competitive pressures on existing oil-indexed LNG suppliers. Large volumes of global gas supplies are expected come to market at prices below oil price parity (assuming oil prices at or above $90/bbl). …Continue Reading »

Should the US Lift the Ban on Crude Oil Exports?

US EIA AEO2014 fig_es-1

There is a growing debate over lifting the US ban on crude oil exports.  Recently US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said he thought it time to review the prudence of the exports ban during the 2014 quadrennial review of US energy policies.  Not everyone has responded favorably to the calls to ease the ban so expect a loud debate over the year ahead. For more than thirty years, the United States has banned crude oil exports.  The logic at the time was energy security concern both from sending …Continue Reading »

Light Sweet Crude Displacement


I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and despite its well-deserved ‘tree hugger’ image the inland part of the Bay is home to a concentration of refineries essential to California’s economic vitality.  These refineries produce the boutique blend of gasoline not available anywhere else.  The EPA’s insistence on these unique regional gasoline blends is one reason fuel prices are higher here in California than elsewhere in the country.  When one of our California refineries burps or has …Continue Reading »

Power Shift @ Work


SOURCE:  US EIA There is a profound process of change underway in the regulated utility business.  It is brought about by a combination of good forces of healthy competition, low natural gas prices, the growing sense of environmental awareness and a hard to describe but easy to feel sense of vulnerability by customers. The shape of this power shift is also being driven by Federal and State regulatory agendas wrapped around environmental policy objectives.  There is broad public support for a …Continue Reading »

TClabz Performance+ Wellsite Analytics

Chemical Injection Rate tracking

Improving Oil & Gas Field Performance Starts at the Well TCLabs Energy The pace of change in the energy industry is growing significantly. The industry is being turned on its head by the shale revolution sweeping across North America. Abundant supply of natural gas from domestic production is making North America a magnet for manufacturing returning from offshore attracted to low natural gas prices.  But low prices are squeezing producers.  Energy infrastructure built for a …Continue Reading »

The Big Shift in Energy is a Complete Reversal of Fortunes

As we all read the 2012 economic reports last year we collectively thought of the right technical terms---the results sucked!  GDP growth had slowed to 1.5%, unemployment rates remained stubbornly high at 8.2% over average nationwide but the damage to youth, black and Hispanic and those with less than college educations are still horrible.  Clearly we need an economic shot in the arm. How could there possibly be any good news on the horizon? The good news is the big shift in energy is a …Continue Reading »

Tracking Oil & Gas Field Performance with Visual Data Analytics

STEO2012 Non OPEC Crude and Liquids production Growth to 2013

North America’s oil & gas production growth is the envy of the world. From the Alberta oil sands to shale plays across the US, we are getting down to business fueling our economy.  In the first five months of 2012 the US grew domestic oil production by 395,000 barrels per day to 6.2 million barrels per day. (See figure above.) Think about that---395,000 barrels per day growth in production is equal to about 15% of the 2.6 million barrels per day in spare productive global oil …Continue Reading »

Lessons from the Front Lines of Disruptive Innovation


Tech and Creative Labs (TCLABZ) was born out of the disruptive innovation realization that insight about this energy market volatility could be extracted from the online dynamic interaction of people trying to figure out what is going on, what might happen next, and what if I do “X” instead of “Y”? We believe disruptive innovation technologies help us see new opportunities among the volatility and risk in the world around us.  By helping us play better defense in our volatile world, …Continue Reading »