The Utility Future is Renewable Energy Distributed Generation

There is a convergence of market, economic, environmental and regulatory forces underway that is changing the way investor owned utilities see renewable energy from something they must do to satisfy their regulators to something they MUST do to survive. If this sounds like hype to you, consider the following ten factors: Renewable Portfolio Standards are here to stay. Carbon emissions constraints are likely to happen. Consolidation is sweeping the wind and solar manufacturing …Continue Reading »

$70 Million Federal Solar Gotcha!

What if the US imposed an import duty, but few knew.  Surprise!!! That must be how importers of solar panels feel after learning that the US Customs Service started enforcing a 2.5% tariff on imported solar panels last January.  But since the decision was not widely publicized not even Customs Agents knew of it until recently.  The solar business is getting kicked around a lot today, but they didn’t expect to get a tax bill for $70 million from the US government. According to the New York …Continue Reading »